Submitted by "Miss Kit n' Caboodle (aka The Boodle)" Shillito
"Dear Dr. Lori,
I want to thank you for helping me be well. My nose job is really nice! I have been very good, leave my nose alone, and take all my medicine. My staff members were REALLY worried about me. Now they're happy!
I send you head-bonks and face-lickies. You and your crew are the greatest!

Love from Miss Kit n'Caboodle"

Submitted by "Dewey" McDonald

"Dear Dr. Lori and wonderful team,

Thank you so much for all of your loving concern for me while my mom was away last week.
I am feeling much better today and hopefully this will continue.
My mom says you guys are the best and I agree!
Thank you for all of your kindness and efforts on my behalf.

Dewey McDonald xo Wags & Licks"

Submitted by Renee Saeger

"Dear Dr. Hageman, Dr. Merrill and staff at The Ark Pet Hospital,

Thank you for the lovely azalea plant. It is beautiful and Jez would have absolutely loved sticking her nose right into the middle of it and investigating each and every smell possible. It was so thoughtful to send, and, we take comfort in looking at it and care for it,…for Jez. Thank you.
Dan and I also wish to acknowledge the kindness, commitment, knowledge, and energy that each of you provided to Jez, and to our family, since we moved to California almost eight years ago. We are very grateful for the conversation we had with you and for your wisdom and strength. To give of your heart to families and their pets is truly an amazing gift. It requires a trust that is deep and vulnerable….thank you. Words truly cannot express the joy that Jezabelle bought to our family over the past 14+ years. She was the perfect dog for us. She was the "glue that held me together" since moving to California and she was the "cherry on the cake" of our family. We all miss her. thank you.
As Jezabelle's routines changed and her muzzle began to gray I knew the inevitable would happen, but actually thought in my head and heart that she would always greet me…I am so sad.
Dr. Hageman and Dr. Merrill, you are both wonderful vets and Ark Pet Hospital is the best. Finding you and your clinic has been a gift from God and we will always treasure having been associated with you.
May you keep spreading your "animal love" for many years to come.

Renee Saeger"